21-Jan-2017 TVOR Program Notes

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3:00 PM


  1. We will discuss the Trump Inaugural event, as well as the Austin “Hate Trump” protest which includes the “Austin Democratic Socialists of America”, “Texas AFT (American Federation of Teachers)”, “Planned Parenthood Texas Votes”, “Workers Defense Action Fund” (which produced Austin CM ‘Little Greg “Caesar Caesar” Casar’), and dozens of others according to the “One Resistance” website (see below).
  2. Texas Rally for Life next Saturday, Jan 28th:  Question: have you participated in the past, and/or are you participating this year?
  3. Bradley Manning, convicted of delivering the largest cache of classified documents in U.S. history to Wikileaks, which we all now know is just a front for the Russians who elected Donald Trump.  Where is the conspiracy theory that the Russians kidnapped Chelsea Manning, changing him into Bradley Manning, to carry out a mission of espionage in her altered identity?   Another question:  should Edward Snowden copy the protocol – attempt suicide, start a hunger strike, undergo sex change surgery, and re-attempt suicide in the expectation of winning his (her?) own pardon?  Will we finally see the asinine “legal argument” that after “sex change”, the “new” identity must be absolved of guilt because it was the “other” person/gender who committed the crime?
  4. Family dog kills 2-month old girl in San Marcos.  Question: is city government supposed to “do something” through its political power for the purposes of “preventing” such tragedy?  Is it possible to admit that tragedy will happen irrespective of government power – or that the arbitrary, unlimited increase government power is the greatest tragedy?
  5. Sanctuary city policy debate coming in Texas Legislature and new Trump administration.   Question – does the politicians’ posturing and rhetoric of defying ICE detainer requests match reality?  Is there ANY written policy regarding ICE?


3:45 PM – We have a tentative call-in from David Vandenberg, law school graduate and former Austin Immigrant Affairs Commissioner, on sanctuary city policy; rhetoric versus reality. Public information shows ICE detainers still being honored at Travis County jail.

4:00 PM
4:15 PM — Gabriel Nila, candidate for State House District 46, on Rep. Dawna Dukes indictment and his Nov. campaign [coming into studio – confirmed 18-Jan-17 @ 512-541-5122]
4:30 PM – Tentative call in from “Speaking of everything” host Bob Phillips, to discuss the Dawna Dukes case



Background on “Hate Trump” organized protests:
ADAPT of Texas
Alma de Mujer
American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee of Austin
ATX Environmental Justice
Austin 350.org
Austin Central Labor Council
Austin Democratic Socialists of America
Austin Jewish Voices for Peace
Austin Justice Coalition
Austin NOW
Austin Socialist Collective
Bend The Arc – A Jewish Partnership for Justice
Black Lives Matter
Clean Water Action
Communities of Color United for Racial Justice
Counter Balance: ATX
Education Austin
Educators in Solidarity
Equal Justice Center
Equality Texas
Fight for 15 Texas
Grassroots Leadership
Immigrants United
Indivisible Austin
Las Comadres
Left Up To Us
Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equality
LULAC District 7
NAACP Austin
NARAL Pro-Choice Texas
National Women’s Political Caucus of Texas
NOW Williamson County Task Force
Personal Attendant Coalition of Texas
Planned Parenthood Texas Votes
Progress Texas
Raza Roundtable
Sierra Club Beyond Coal
Sierra Club of Austin
Texas Disability Project
Texas Drought Project
Texas AFT (American Federation of Teachers)
Texas Alliance for Retired Americans, Austin Chapter
Texas Civil Rights Project
Texas Freedom Network
Third Coast Activist
Undoing White Supremacy Austin
Workers Defense Action Fund



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